Eberron (Dungeon World)

Lord & Brood

The party eliminated the kruthik threat, and got paid.

Kalharath went off to buy more arrows.

PS: Prime did notice something about the eggs, after all. One in five of them was larger than usual.

Ashurta's Rest
Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark

Our heroes defeated Ashurta and claimed the blade, only to squabble over it amongst themselves.


Honour Guard
Misty-Eyed Blood-Guzzle-fest

Well, this room of the dungeon was a complete walk-over, which was a nice change. Lots of loot, too.

Rotten Rain
something something frying pan something something hobgoblin corruption corpse

The party made it into a new room and managed to disable a magical ward right after Data had his head punched clean off his body by a zombie-thing. There were valuable gems! Everyone went to bed happy.

Another door, another room, another trap.
The Dragon's Maw

After swiftly dispatching the imp and one elemental, the party bound another for interrogation. Data jammed his fingers into the locking mechanism so that the others could safely enter the next room and trigger A MILLION TRAPS.

After a long comedy of errors, the party managed to get the eastern door open and peer at the chamber beyond…but Data was still over at the western doors, with the merciless gauntlet of traps between him and the others…

Fiendish Passage
First Room of Ashurta's Tomb


The eastern doors seem to conceal a mechanism, and the southernmost statue and brazier seem movable. The puzzle-lock on the floor has yet to be solved, but so far a fire elemental and something else have made their presences known in response to the tiles which were most recently pressed.

They Came out of the Walls...
Antechamber of Ashurta's Tomb

…and nearly killed half of us.

Inscribed round the pile of skulls: " Ashurta, slayer of these weaklings, keeper of the Blade of the Ashen Crown. Even in death, he is stoic and strong. The might of Xoriat has not bested him, and HeIl goes with him."

While exploring the antechamber, the party were attacked by a dozen kruthiks from the four holes in the walls around them. After an intense battle, the party discovered a bag belonging to a member of the Kech Volaar, or “Wordbearers” of Darguun. According to the journal inside, these goblins had come to Ashurta’s tomb in search of the blade.

The bag also contained a key to the tomb’s entrance, and a scrap of leather with a curious image:


Beaten and bloody as they were (with the exception of Kalharath, who didn’t have a scratch on him), they made camp and rested. Data collected some kruthik blood for his own nefarious purposes and infused his mechanical rat with some new magical properties.

Bug Hunt
in The Cogs, below Sharn, City of Towers

For one reason or another, our heroes find themselves on the trail of some errant kruthiks who have been attacking the citizens of the Cogs, Sharn’s industrial district. The directions given by their employer lead to a tunnel which opens into an old goblin tomb from when the Dhakaani empire ruled the whole continent of Khorvaire.

The entrance to the tomb showed signs of a battle, which some kruthiks won. It also revealed an inscription:

Ashurta, slayer of these weaklings, keeper of the Blade of the Ashen Crown. Even in death, he is stoic and strong. The might of Xoriat has not bested him, and HeIl goes with him.


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